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Offering Windows systems and networking administration in the East Bay Area / Nothern Silicon Valley

Just because you are not big enough to have an internal dedicated IT staff does not mean that your computer operations are not critical for you, and it does not mean that you need to wait. I love working with business in the 3 to 60 workstation range, giving them the service of an in house team (better actually) at a fraction of the cost.

Welcome to R&D Computer Networking

We offer Windows systems and networking administration throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.   R & D Computer Networking is a Better Business Bureau accredited company and our Network Consultants have over 30 years experience in this industry. We bring our expertise, experience, resources, insight, and competence to your networking needs.

Just because your company isn't big enough to have an internal dedicated IT staff, doesn't mean that your computer operations aren't critical to your business.  Don't wait until you need service, call us today for a free assessment of your business requirements, and technical needs.  We love working with small to medium businesses that use 5 to 300 workstations.  We deliver to our clients the service of an "in-house" team at a fraction of the cost.



We install various applications for our clients, and assist them in upgrading and updating their software. Installing utilities like Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and Anti-Spam, and Network and server Backup software. Installing on the database side: SQL server, Pervasive Database Engine, Exchange Server, Quick Books Server, PeachTree Accounting, Macola Accounting, and assorted other Database Server shared applications. On the client side (workstations) we set up Microsoft Office, Outlook, and many others. We are pleased to assist you in the choosing process for a number of Applications as well!


Whether trying to connect to the network across the office with a secure wireless connection. Across town with an office to office VPN tunnel link, or across town from a coffee shop to your office using VPN remote software. Or telecommuting from home remotely or connection around the world with VPN Remote or a VPN firewall to firewall tunnel. We can Help you with both installation, access, and maintenance.


Data is often the most valuable resource you have within a Company, whether it be accounting data, database tracking data, email data, production data, data forms, documents, spreadsheets, pictures, advertising data, transaction data, and many others. It is critical to protect your data from catastrophic failure (corruption), and have in place restore procedures and protection to ensure the continuation of business! We have a wonderful HIPAA compliant AES 1024 bit encrypted Cloud and Local backup solution called vDrive. We also do certain levels of data recovery from corrupted hard drives at very reasonable pricing.


Maintenance Contracts are available and negotiable for: networking, workstation, laptop, and server maintenance, server updates, software upgrades, and other needed services. These terms would apply to regular periodic visits to troubleshoot, verify backups, quantify error codes and events. We recommend in a timely manner scheduling regular hardware maintenance dates and times. We can create a useful, cost effective, plan for your company, and are pleased to assess and evaluate your network needs and current status..


We have all moved from time to time and there are many important decisions and considerations that need to be accounted for, in a successful computer network relocation. Current documentation is important, For the Risk averse do not have a moving company just pack up and ship your network! As I have seen damaged servers and reconnected devices cabled wrong. For a smooth, new location, business continuation process, call us to assist you in your move! You can in most cases, shut down your Network on Friday night at 6 pm and have everything up and running on Monday in your new location.


We are Networking specialists desiring to assist you in both the development of a plan for networking and the implementation of that plan. We have years of connectivity experience and competitive rates, we want to enable you to reach your business goals. A stable network is crucial in growing any company, as also is maintaining data security and integrity. We are pleased to assist you with your networking needs!


We can both advise and supply peripherals for your network needs. This includes, label makers, printers, scanners, PDA devices, modems, UPS's, USB Backup Drives, Network attached storage, KVM switches, Fax machines, PDF scanners, and many more! We can assist you in specifying, buying or locating the items that will give a good return on your investment.


We have a wide variety of repair options available. We repair Laptops, Towers and Desktops, Servers, and replace failed Networking switches, routers, cables, modems, UPS's, and other peripherals. We do some Repairs onsite and some after hours offsite and onsite in order to expedite the repairs. We try to repair Servers after hours when possible so as to minimize the impact to normal business operations, in order to be more convenient and cost effective (minimizing lost salary costs) for the client.

System Building

We have been system builders for about 23 years. We build them to client specifications, if a spec is needed we develop one with the client. We build Servers with specific components that ensure a long stable machine life operating 24/7/365! We also build desktop and tower configuration workstations to the specific need. My workstations are built to run 10/7/365 unlike the consumer boxes which are built for about 3 hours use a day. We also configure Build to Order laptops of the ASUS and Lenovo manufactured lines. We are still building workstations with the Windows 7 Professional operating system so that compatibility, usability, and stability are not a problem.

Free Business System/Network Review & Analysis

We check your backup systems and confirm successfull recent restores and check your recovery plan. We evaluate Server/Servers, Workstations, Laptops , and Peripherals.  We verify your control measures for Firewalls, Virus, Spyware, and Spam. We then offer our recommendations.

We check your Passwords and Network documentation, as current documentation is critical for business continuity in event of a catastrophe.  We check your switches, routers, cabling, and internet connectivity.

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Testimonial of the Day

Doug is indispensable in the support of my small business. He handles all my technical IT needs in a responsive and professional manner. Due to his expertise, I was able to transition from a problematic IT environment to a very stable and robust network. I rarely encounter problems now, but when I do, Doug responds immediately. He is very personable and holds a high ethical standard where he always values our relationship more than the dollar. He never penny-antes me; his fees are reasonable and his value is great. He is the consummate professional. I would recommend him to anyone in need of small business IT support. November 17, 2012 -- Ray Scherer - Owner

PC Personal Computer Help San Leandro California In The East San Francisco Bay Area

PC Personal Computer Help

Computer help is something we do for our clients on several levels. Computer Help can be setting up desktop icons to run custom procedures such as backups for the client. Computer Help, can be assisting the client to purchase the right peripherals for their Network. Computer Help can be the education process we go through, to accomplish the client's goals. Computer help is available via emails and also by phone. We also setup remote connections for some clients to offer remote Computer Help, so the response time is better and less costly for the Client!! 

San Leandro California In The East San Francisco Bay Area

San Leandro California in the East San Francisco Bay area is where I love to work. San Leandro is close to all of the East Bay Area. San Leandro Central park is a great place to unwind after fixing a San Leandro client problem. I love it when my clients are located in central San Leandro California which is in the East Bay area. 

San Leandro is just across the San Francisco Bay bridge or San Mateo bridge. San Leandro  is close to everywhere. San Leandro California in the East San Francisco Bay area

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